11 Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness: Pregnancy and Nausea


Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry

Keep crackers (or other snacks that don’t revolt you) in your bag. I would get so ill in the afternoons at work but slowly munch on super plain, cardboard-like crackers would keep the sickness more at bay. I had stashes of plain crackers and even graham crackers everywhere! Pro Tips: Try using reusable bags (or these) that keep crackers and other foods fresher and more protected than a regular ziplock.

Keep a Throw-up Bag Handyseriously

There were plenty of times I didn’t make it to the toilet. I have thrown up in a diaper genie, a laundry bin and on the floor. In public, I just barely got by without a public scene of sickness. However, I always kept a bag handy just in case.

Track Time and Triggers

There might be a certain time of day, a scent, a place, that sets you off. Brushing my teeth (mint toothpaste!) threw me over the edge, along with the smell of the cafeteria at work. I had to switch up toothpastes and avoid the cafeteria for 10 weeks. Afternoons were always much rougher for me than mornings, I made sure to have my ginger drops and snacks for around 3:00pm! Knowing when, where or what sets you off will help you manage your sickness triggers and be prepared ahead of time.


Take deep breaths. Get fresh air. Sometimes just changing position or location, looking outside or getting some sunlight might be slight enough change for your body to back off from the edge of vomit.

Take Some Ginger

Give ginger drops like these in lemon or these in raspberry to fight morning sickness. Ginger is some sort of nausea magic. Pregger Pops are also a popular product among those of us who suffer from nausea.

Stay Hydrated

The more dehydrated you become, the more nauseated you’ll become. Carry around a jug of water for easy sipping. If the thought of water makes you feel ill (yes, this is real too!), try adding something like lemon or cucumber to your water in the morning time to give it a little flavor with this special bottle. I have never tried this fizzy drink mix for your water but it claims to be a morning sickness solver!

Eat What Works For You

The thought of meat, fish, or vegetables would make me gag. Just the thought of these things, let alone the smell or sight! All I wanted was carbs, sugar and fresh, watery/crunchy fruits. We were invited over to a friend’s house for dinner when I was pregnant with Wes and I brought my own meal – cut up bell peppers and watermelon. I was all I could stomach that day but I didn’t want to miss out on seeing good friends! Eat whatever works for you. If you can, try to hide things like spinach into a morning icy cold shake with bananas and strawberries if you are feeling guilty.

Space It Out

Have smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones. Eat consistently and keep the portions in more manageable sizes. You’ll help fight off morning sickness throughout the day and not feel overly full.

Seasick Wristbands

If you were ever one to get motion sick, you probably know about those seasick wristbands. Consider throwing them on during your morning sickness phase. It couldn’t hurt!

Have a Survival Kit

A toothbrush, gum, mouthwash, and even some water wipes and sea sick bags all belong in your survival kit. Whether you get sick at work, on you way to meet a friend, or during a prenatal yoga class – having the supplies to recover will make you feel better after the fact.

Smell Less


But seriously – morning sickness is often smell-associated, even scents that once smelled good! Candles might set you off. The smell of broccoli cooking. Even perfumes you loved before, or for me, the smell of mint toothpaste! If you can control the scent around you, do it. Remove anything that is bothersome for the time-being or avoid places (when possible) that trigger you. If you can’t control it, I find having tissues or a scarf handy is helpful in blocking my nose walking past a garbage can, or a trigger-y odor wafting past me on a the street.

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1. Don’t let yourself get hungry

2. Keep a Throw-up Bag Handy

3. Track Time and Triggers

4. Breathe

5. Take Some Ginger

6. Stay Hydrated

7. Eat What Works For You

8. Space It Out

9. Seasick Wristbands

10. Have a Survival Kit

11. Smell Less