Mom Hack: Making Children’s Outfits Easier Using Primary Colors

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If you don’t know about Primary, now ya’ know. Primary is one of my favorite online shops for a few good reasons (alas, I list them below). I hope this gem brings you joy and ease like it does me!

1. It Makes Life Simple & Easier

Honestly, getting two kids ready in the morning is super hard sometimes. Having a lot of our basics from Primary helps simply the outfit assembly time. The clothing is soft, sturdy and colorful while being simple, easy and basic all at once. I like saving time and having a foundation of Primary items in the closest for my boys does just that. Shopping at Primary is like a parent hack within itself.

2. Two Moms Started the Company

I really just love mom businesses. I really, really love mom businesses that take a problem they encountered (finding good, colorful, happy basics for their kids at reasonable prices) and solve it for the rest of us. So… thank you….Galyn Bernard and Christina Carbonell.

3. Colors Makes Life Happier

There is a good reason we have colorful umbrellas in our house, along with colorful craft items, colorful toys, colorful name tags and kid’s tupperware lids even! Color brings us joy! It makes life bright and vibrant!

Although I don’t seek a world that is overwhelmed with color in my every day, I do like having splashes of bright, fun and happy colors to add light and zing to the everyday. Primary easily helps with that in the attire department!

4. Reasonable Prices for Good Quality Clothing

If I am not mistaken, everything at Primary is under $25. They also have some great sales. I know you can get cheaper clothing here or there – but that isn’t really the point. Primary has great quality, well designed, and thoughtful piece. You are getting a high-end product and brand – without breaking the bank.

5. 90-day Returns with Free Prepaid Return Shipping Label

Enough said on this one, yeah? I thought so too. I know I have returns sitting around for weeks before I can make it to the dang store!