Mom Hack: 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Trash and be Less Toxic at Home

Being a more eco-friendly house doesn’t mean you have to be planting gardens or picking up litter all weekend! Making small changes in your house (and lifestyle) can go a long, long way! Here I list out some super easy changes to implement in your everyday! More to come on my next post about a less toxic, less wasteful home next time!

1. Change Up Your Napkin Game

Use real ones. End of story. I like these colorful ones that show less stains or these very simple ones. Folding napkins and putting them on the table (or away after washing) is a great first chore for little hands!

2. Grab Some New Cups

The less plastic you can consume, use or throw away is a great thing for the environment and the health of your family. Check out these tumblers for kid’s with silicone tops and re-useable straws. Stainless steel is great! For less spilling, I really love these stainless steel Muchkin Cups and these stainless steel straw cups! If you don’t love stainless steel, check-out these colorful bamboo cups or these more neutral ones. You can also add a Boon silicone sippy top to almost anything!

3. Seek New Straws

Plastic straws totally pollute our world! Try these fun and colorful silicone reusable straws or these stainless steel ones! There are even check-out glass and paper straws!

4. Buy Recycled Plastics

Buy recycled plastic goods, like this outdoor rug, or pens made from recycled water bottles, or even these eco-friendly toothbrushes made from recycled plastic! There is really plenty of recycled plastic to go around…

5. Go Glass

Check out these glass baby bottles, reusable glass water bottles, glass tupperware for food storage, even glass spray bottles or glass straws!

6. Zip, Zip, Reuse

There are a bunch of brands of reusable ziplock bags! Try these colorful ones, my favorite snack size pouches, these mixed sized bags, or these cream of the crop options. I have fallen head over heels for re-useable ziplocks and am never looking back!

7. Buy Wood or Compostable Utensils When Tossing

Having a party or a picnic? Try wood disposable utensil sets like this one or this one. You can try this set of compostable cutlery for some eco-friendliness also!

8. Go Real or Go Home

Even when leaving the house, consider using the real thing for all things food. Check out this colorful set of stainless steel utensils for picnics or lunch boxes! Or this perfect travel set for work.

9. Eco-Friendly Suds

Eco-friendly soap – it is better for your health! Try this brand or this one for less earth harming (and less chemicals!).

10. Rethink Your Sponge

Try this eco-friendly sponge or these eco-happy ones!