Keeping Kids Safe and Warm: Winter Weather Stroller Use

Winter has arrived. So, so, so early for some people this year

We are still hitting the park before dinner, but at 5:30pm, it feels like midnight and our walk home is extra dark. With that in mind, there are a few things to consider to keep your toddlers and babies both safe and warm during their stroller rides this winter. 

How to Keep Babies and Toddlers Safe and Warm During Winter Outings:

Consider Buntings for Warmth 

Waterproof Extendable Baby Bunting Bag:

This 3 season weather resistant footmuff with soft premium fleece lining helps keep baby warm while the outer material is waterproof – keeping them dry. Equipped with 5 harness slots, you can still use your normal stroller seat belts for safety. In theory, you can still fold the stroller up without remove the footmuff and with a bright reflective strip you can be seen better in the dark!

Waterproof Melange Stroller Footmuff

A German designed stroller footmuff has dual zippers for easy in-and-out and temperature control. The material is waterproof wick away on the outside, and silky soft on the inside. any moisture keep your baby dry. You can use on any stroller – or so they claim! 

UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh

If you already have the UppaBaby stroller and carseat – this is the product for you.  With plush, fleece your baby is kept warm and cozy against the elements, a full coverage neck warmer and hood keeps baby warm and comfortable from head to toe. 

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff for Toddler

With a windproof and water resistant outer shell, this footmuff fits babies 1+. It is machine washable, and has a bottom zip to control heat and take off dirty shoes! 

Use Stroller Weather Shields for Snow & Rain 

UppaBaby Rumble Seat Shield

If you already have an UppaBaby stroller, go with it’s own RumbleSeat shield for a perfect fit. Same for Baby Jogger or BOB!  

Comfy Baby Universal Deluxe Twin Stroller Weather Protector

This product is compatible with all umbrella, full size strollers and all single jogger style strollers. It is water resistant to protect your child from rain and wind while still allowing a view of the world and has strategically placed vents for plenty ventilation for baby’s comfort.

LaChaDa Stroller Cover Weather Shield 

This shield fIt fits most kinds of strollers and has air holes on both sides provides plenty of ventilation. 

Strap on Reflectors for your Stroller (or kids!)

Don’t you love how it gets dark at like, 4:00pm? Ugh. Making sure your family is safe walking down the road, crossing the street and even getting in and out of the car is super important. Rain, snow, sleet and darkness all impair other’s ability to see you and your kids well/clearly/soon-enough. Use extra security measures to help keep everyone safe!

GearLight S1 LED Safety Lights 

The click on 4 pack is easy to use, super bright and long lasting. It can easily seen from hundreds of feet away while only being about the size of a car keys and weighing less than 1 oz. It comes with fasteners to securely strap onto almost anything and is easy to remove. Weather resistant! 

GoxRunx 6 Pcs Reflective Bands 

These high visibility reflectors can easily be wrapped around stroller bars or used around arms and legs. Reflective bands help keep your family safe in all weather conditions – especially at night or in snow with low visibility. Super reflective running gear can be seen from 800 feet or more. 

NOTE: All blankets, buntings, snowsuits and shield protectors should be used with extra care and consideration. Play close attention to your children at all times! Their heat levels and ability to access fresh air are key things to check on regularly. Never, ever leave them alone to sleep or otherwise unattended while they are utilizing extra protection such as heat gear (bunting, extra blankets, excessive layers, snowsuits, etc.) or plastic shields as their self-regulating temperature is not as refined as an adult.