How to be More Eco-Friendly with Your Busy Family: Easy Eco Ideas and Swaps

Going out of your way to be more earth-friendly is super hard when you are just trying to survive another day of managing young kids, work and other commitments. These small adjustments are easy to implement for a greener you!

1. Static Free and Waste-Free too

Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. One-time dryer cleans are made of chemicals and go straight into landfills.

2. Knowledge is power

Teach your kids about recycling with a board book and postable images.

3. Brusha’ Brusha’ Brusha

Use a this toothbrush or this biodegradable one. Why fill-up landfills with plastic one-time use toothbrushes when you don’t have to?

4. Store It Eco

Use Sustainable food storage products such as beeswrap, reZip bags, and glass tupperware sets.

5. Shop Earth-Friendly

Go to the grocery store with reusable totes like these lightweight ones or these heavy duty ones. Bring your own produce bags. No more landfill plastic waste for one-time food carrying!

6. BYOCup

Bring your own amazing tumbler for coffee at Starbucks. I love my Yeti!

7. Gifting

Don’t wrap presents in one-time wrapping paper. Instead use re-usable gift bags.

8. Crafts & More

Reuse packaging, paper and shipping containers for fun crafts and science experiencements with the kids!

9. The thing about TP…

Swap your toilet paper for this eco-friendly brand.

10. The Framework

Remodeling? Try Solor Panels through a lease program with SunRun. Check-out grey water systems, green building materials and Trek Decking.

11. Redecorating?

Try a second-hand store or antique shop and fancy yourself Joanna Gaines! Even try an awesome flea-market!

12. Go Outside

Love the outdoors? Check out this eco-adventure gear.

13. Trash is Trash

Swap your kitchen trash bags for biodegradable ones.

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